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Surveillance Systems


Find The Right Surveillance System For Your Business

Fits Security and Gates is a premier organization offering quality security solutions for business and home owners from the Kansas City region. Whichever place may you wish to secure — whether normal indoors and outside or, no and low light areas; our services are there to meet your needs. Not only do we design the ideal security system for you personally, but also offer the essential support for the installation. We appeal to the security requirements of residential, commercial, small enterprises and other customers, with the variety of security cameras and alarm systems installation in Kansas City.

Our aim is to provide you with the very best experience while managing security cameras and alarm systems installation in Kansas City and in its suburbs. Thus, our team of experts focuses on the incorporation of the latest technology, simple installation process, and easy update to let you enjoy all the benefits of security cameras & alarm systems installation in Kansas City, without putting much effort maintenance

Home Security

Individual Packages for all your requirements in the home security systems Kansas City or at all surrounding suburbs with interactive end user controls

Business Security

Individual Packs for Small Business allowing you to remotely change user codes and arm and disarm your system through smart phone.

Custom Surveillance Systems

Solutions For all of your Industrial needs including IP cameras using camera ranging from 4mp to 4k with access from smartphone or the computer.

The Reality of purchasing Residential or Commercial Security Cameras! However, before you try to buy an internet system and attempt to install it yourself, talk to us! . There’s no wireless do it yourself systems which are worth risking your Family of your enterprise security requirements. They will not survive and are located from wifi and in several cases you still need to run electricity. Most professional licensed security companies will not install your own store bought system. The system is a challenging wire system with its own DVR or NVR using a hard disk and view. Our firm has warranties and about going service and price sensitivity is understood by us. At Fits Security and Gates we strive to get quaility! So please call us first and let us help you

On site Sales Consultations buy our Trained Staff

Your Sales or Technical Staff will do an onsite Inspection of your home or business to determine the best possible systems for your employees situation.

We provide a plethora of services from installation, repair, upgrading equipment, and review are only a couple. No matter what it is you are needing when it comes to Kansas City surveillance camera systems, give Fits Security and Gates a call. A person is standing by right now to answer some questions that you schedule may have. We allow you to know what enhancements and/or type of system that you may need and can meet with you.

Surveillance systems can monitor your home or office for things like fire, burglary, carbon dioxide, and much more. While this will help to protect your workers, clients, and loved ones, it does not help you to protect yourself. Only Kansas City surveillance camera systems may give you the evidence that you need to retaliate against any offenders who might damage or slip (or attempt to do these things to) your own property Kansas City security cameras enable yourself, or your own security team, to track your premises at all times, 24 hours each day, every day of this year.

Our firm has all the necessary permits to run the installation of security systems and engineering staff regularly undergo training and certification of equipment installation.