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Cannabis Facilities Security

Cannabis Facilities Security

As the rest of commercial businesses have been able to trust Fits Security & Gate with surveillance and security, so will Medical Marijuana Manufacturers and CBD companies.  Fits Security & Gate is the only security contractor in the Kansas City market that is properly trained and licensed with INAXSYS for their Cannabis Facilities Security Systems.

Unlike in many businesses, security methods for the cannabis business has to do more than protect against crime.

“A security system must begin at its heart, as a compliance verification system for its nation,” states Noah Stokes, founder and CEO of CannaGuard Security at Oregon.

“The layout, equipment and positioning of a security system has to be tailored to show compliance. In brief, you’re purchasing cameras to examine yourself”

The regulations describe out compliance of each state requirements for security programs, a few down to the camera settlement demanded, therefore fulfilling and studying these demands is essential.

The temptation is going to be greater, eliminate chance. Have protocols set up, such as access to DVRs. Stress the necessity to maintain individual security codes confidential.

Balancing strict compliance demands and effortless staff motion.

The cannabis marketplace that is authorized presents an exciting growth opportunity for people in the security market. In 2018, Mordor Intelligence appreciated the cannabis market at 14.5 billion USD, using its estimated growth set to reach 89.1 billion by 2024, using a compound yearly growth rate of 37% in this time period. Growth driven by niches open up thanks to changes. A total of 22 states and 33 states in the US have legalized cannabis, and two states and 11 states in the US have legalized cannabis for recreational usage.

Secure and compliant accessibility control

From the nursery to the sales counter our security system ensures the business is protected and controlled. For cannabis cultivation facilities, security programs perform with two functions. One to secure the site effectively, and the other to ensure strict compliance requirements are met.

Flexibility to accommodate compliance demand changes

Balancing performance and staff motion, can prove challenging, but having an impressive package of security features will help to ease your mind. Fits Security’s layout and licensing design caters to any size of operation, and centers with varying degrees of security, features and integrations. Given the flexibility of this Inaxsys system ensures it may cover federal and state regulations, and readily adapt to the region.

Cannabis Facilities Security Systems

• Real-time Facial Recognition
• Deep-Learning Analytics Decisions
• Unlimited Number of Servers
• Unlimited Number of Cameras
• Simultaneous recording to archive
• Pre-event video recording
• Audio Detection
• Line Crossing
• Situational Analysis
• Cross-System Client

How our products will help you become certified?

  • Industry Leading H.265+ Image Compression Format.
  • The DORI Distance.
  • High-Resolution.
  • Help Identify any Abnormal Events with Arkiv- Arkiv Advanced Analytic
  • Failover and redundant server features.
  • Providing the smallest storage and bandwidth footprint in the
    industry. This significantly reduces your storage by up to 90%.
  • Arkiv Advanced Video Analytics will dramatically decrease your
    storage requirement; saving you money.
  • Inaxsys Massive Storage Servers are Scalable to an
    unlimited number of cameras.
  • Inaxsys Massive Storage Servers are Scalable to an endless
    storage capacity.