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Access Control

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Access Control Systems

An access control system from Fits Security and Gates delivers the ability to regulate who is entering your facilities and alarms on illegal attempts to enter. After an access control system is installed, facility doors will automatically lock, permitting just employees with the right credentials entry to the building. Facility managers may set doors to unlock during particular time frames, while being able to place personalized access per division. Fits Security and Gates crucial card access systems and unmatched service offers security and facility managers with top of the line protection in any way hours of the day.

Each access control system we Install is particularly designed to deal with a client’s particular security concern, regardless of the magnitude of a facility or the amount of employees. Fits Security and Gates provides the customized protection necessary for the safety requirements.

Access Control System Benefits

  • Monitor employee activity in real-time via any web-based device
  • Restrict unauthorized access as necessary
  • Access all doors with just one key card or fob — No big key ring needed
  • Reduce workplace events by restricting employee access to specific regions
  • Customize level of worker accessibility by departmental groups
  • Audit employees to supervise when workers input
  • No need to change locks when employee is no longer an active worker
  • Self-Managed Access Control

We install access control hardware and Applications on site. The client is responsible for administering maintaining and backing up the machine.

Cloud-Based Access Control

We install access control hardware onsite. No servers required, the data base is going to be saved on the cloud enables our customers to control their access control systems to install.

Full-Serviced Managed Access Control

We manage every aspect of the system, from The hardware and software to the backups and maintenance. Our Electronic Access Control experts are all factory-certified in installation, programming and service. We offer troubleshooting and technical support, onsite and over the telephone, for systems we’ve offered and installed.

Hardware permits control and / or observation of door openings. It allows you to unlock and lock a doorway.

Fits security and Gates can help design an access control system that meets with your needs, from mechanical electronic locks to electronic security systems that were web-based integrated with CCTV monitoring.

Electronic locking technology is expanding. Biometrics, Personal identification numbers (PINS), proximity and magnetic swipe cards, offer access control and audit trails for an increasing number of doors and buildings.

Our access control systems Serve numerous business and residential programs, most commonly containing:

  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Government Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Condo and Apartment Complexes

Apartment buildings, Homes and condominiums are all targets for vandals and thieves. It is important when installing security and surveillance systems in your house, to have a company that is knowledgeable about the intricacies of house security. Besides a front door, there are lots of vulnerable entry points to your residence that would gain from a surveillance system which would ensure your family is protected.

Whether you want a system that monitors your condominium building for the added safety of your residents, or home invasion, Fits Security and Gates has a system which could be tailored to your specific requirements.

Card access control system are tailored for a business’ safety needs. We are Just a phone call away; contact office at 816- 914-0263 to schedule your free consultation